Careers in iGaming

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The iGaming industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the gambling sector, which also provides many career options that will benefit anybody in quickly finding jobs and growing in their work roles. With iGaming also being popular in New Zealand, we look at what you can look out for as a career in gaming.

These are the most In-demand jobs in iGaming.


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An online casino compliance department acts as the consultant who provides knowledge to online casinos on any activities that may not be seen as the way they should be operating their business.

As the laws are constantly changing in gaming and online gambling, it is necessary to always stay up to date on law changes in a specific country. An NZ Casino benefits from having a compliance department to provide regulated and perfectly legal online gambling entertainment.

Customer Service

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Although customer service can be found in almost any line of work, in iGaming, it does work a bit differently due to the extreme nature of payments, pay-outs, and online difficulties, which may arise due to technical problems on the servers. Being in customer services for an online casino is no walk in the park; you need to know about all the technicalities and solve them.

Game and Site Development

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Development is a crucial part of the iGaming industry. Game developers are responsible for creating games that are lag-free and create a bright future for the industry. Games should resemble what is popular in today’s life. Development can also be lucrative in developing online casino websites.

By looking into these top 3 careers in iGaming, you can see how the industry is thriving and becoming a go-to industry for career seekers worldwide. Another positive aspect of working in gaming is many freelance options.

Author: Stellar Jobs