For Employers

What job ads do you accept?

We accept creative, design, marketing, development, writing, management and consulting job ads. For e.g. UX Designer and Digital Marketing Manager

If your job or company doesn’t fit the description, it won’t be published or deleted.

We reserve the right of final decision with regards to the publishing of job ads.

How much does it cost to post a job?

It’s currently free until further notice.

Am I guaranteed to get a candidate in this platform?


How many days before my job post expires?

30 days. You’ll get notifications that your job ad is expiring, provided you use a valid email address when you set up your employer account.

Can I edit my job postings after they’re on the live?

Yes, you can edit your job postings by logging in as an Employer. You can also check your email after submitting your job post for a link to edit your post.

How are job ads moderated?

All job ads are moderated by humans manually. We try to work as quickly as possible, but please expect some delay after business hours and on weekends.

For Professionals (Jobseekers)

Do I need to pay to register and setup my profile?

No, it’s free.

Am I guaranteed to get a job in this platform?


What is the max file size upload for CV?


What file formats do you accept to upload my CV?


Can I delete my account?

Yes. email us at team@stellarjobs.co.nz

Can I change the visibility of my profile?

Yes. On left sidebar, Go to ‘My CV’ mouse hover on your name and click ‘Hide’

Who can register and apply for jobs?

We only allow professionals who are residing in New Zealand and has valid visa to register and apply jobs in our platform