Most Lucrative Freelance Jobs in NZ

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With freelance writing, there are various ways to get into a career. Throughout recent years there has been a lot of uncertainty in finding work, studying, and choosing a job for the rest of your life.

Many people are moving on to freelance work; it’s a middle ground between employment and self-employment and provides a safe and financially viable way to work for yourself by building a client base for most digital services.

With most freelance jobs, you will need a reliable computer, an office, and a willingness to push through difficult times and challenge yourself to reap the benefits.

Web Design and Development

Web design has long been one of the most popular freelancing jobs and has made many people do quick courses to get the basics and get started with freelance design and development jobs. Web design and development can be tricky, but it is easy to learn the basics for those interested in having small and basic websites or blogs.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance may not be that well known, but the job is becoming available more freely, and many have benefited. This is the perfect job for organised individuals. Being a virtual assistant can pay as much as $25 an hour based on your client’s needs. You will be doing precisely what an average assistant does without actually being with the person.

Social Media Specialist

Having an online presence in business is extremely important. Everything is going online and is drawing more customers than most other advertising efforts. Although most companies have always employed in-house marketers, most companies hire freelance marketers for their online social media marketing. This provides a company with the chance of having different viewpoints to see what works best for them.

Financial Consultant

Accounting and financial consultancy have become highly in demand in recent years. Financial expertise can significantly benefit getting hired for freelance jobs depending on your professional and educational background in finances. You have experience working with a couple of reputable financial companies; you can quickly build a lucrative career in finance freelancing.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is popular in the freelancing community and many standalone companies around New Zealand. It stands as a solid marketable skill for the corporate world to use without employing one person. Most businesses have been opting to use freelancers for design work as it provides them with various choices and design styles.

These are some of the most lucrative freelance jobs to get into because of the going rates and availability and room for growth.

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